Outage Information

Outage Information

If you lose power

1. Before calling make sure you have checked your fuses or breakers in your home and at the meter pole, if you are able.  

          Not sure how to check the breaker at the meter pole?  Click here for instructions.

2. Call Franklin REC at 800-750-3557 or 641-456-2557, to report your outage.  

3. Give us your name as it appears on the bill, telephone numbers where you can be reached and your service map location number.

           This number appears on the bill from Franklin REC.  Co-op line crews will use this number to locate the service.



Assume all power lines are energized and dangerous.  Even lines that are de-energized could become energized at any time.

Never touch a downed power line! Never touch a person or object that is touch a power line.  A downed power line may not be a dead line, it could cause serious injury or death.

If someone is injured as a result of contact with electric current, do not try to assist him or her.  You could be injured or killed! Call 911!

If a power line falls across your vehicle while you are in it, stay inside until help arrives.

Call 911 immedialty to report a downed power line.  Then call your electric cooperative.

Learn what to do when disaster strikes at www.bereadyiowa.org.