Marathon High Efficiency Water Heaters

Marathon High Efficiency Water Heaters


Discounts are available to co-op members on Marathon water heaters.  To qualify, the water heater must be installed in a co-op member's home or business where we provide the electrical power and a load management agreement must be signed.  We do not ship water heaters.


Members costs per unit (as long as installed at a location that Franklin REC provides electrical service to and a load management agreement is signed) are:

~$448.71 for a 50-gallon tall model

     (non-member cost is $768.58)

~$489.37 for a 50-gallon short model

     (non-member cost is $813.31)

~$467.77 for a 85-gallon model

     (non-member cost is $954.55)

~$561.93 for a 105-gallon model

      (non-member cost is $1,058.12)

If you are working on new construction or replacing a gas water heater please contact the office for pricing.


Click here for water heater dimensions and annual cost to run.


For more information contact:

 Chad Foster

 Ph: 800-750-3557 or 641-456-2557

 Fax: 641-456-5183




  • Seamless PermaGuard inner tank is made from non-metallic construction to prevent rust, corrosion or leakage
  • No anode rod required, eliminating potential odor and service problems
  • Multiple layers of filament-wound fiberglass give the tank unmatched strength
  • A tough molded outer shell resists dents and scratches
  • Envirofoam TM insulation completely surrounds the entire tank, reducing standby heat loss
  • Hot and cold heat traps reduce conductive heat loss by up to 60 percent
  • Top copper heating element is fused to protect the tank if it is ever operated without water
  • Lower Teflon-coated element has a stainless steel sheath
  • Bowl-shaped tank bottom allows water heater to drain more completely
  • Drain valve is recessed to provide protection from accidental damage or breakage
  • Wiring panel is mounted on the front edge of the heater for ease of installation
  • Screw-down thermostat provides greater accuracy


Prices subject to change without notice